Return flight - Blogging from Beijing


Suitcases with the majority of my winter wardrobe. Check.

Laptop with Season 3 of Heroes for the layover in London. Check.

Books, books, books. Check.

I know I'll forget things. While packing for State College four years ago, I forget many of life's essentials at home - my toothbrush, for example. Preparing to move overseas leaves endless possibilities to forget the smallest thing that could complete throw settling back into Beijing life, but I've been careful so far.

And in all of this, I can't say I'm completely ready to go back. I've never really "missed" home, because while Penn State was 2 hours away, I could easily get home in the even of an emergency or if I just needed a weekend to relax. Weekend trips home are not an option now.

But my bags are packed and I'm set for a year in China. Flight leaves at 9 p.m.

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