My parents had a few friends over for a Welcome Home- Graduation- Going Away party. My cousins and aunt came up and a few other people I haven't seen in a while visited too.

As people arrived, the questions began. By the end of it, I must have sounded like a broken record. The 3 most asked questions were:

1. Do you like it?
2. How's your Chinese?
3. Do you have a Chinese girlfriend?

To which I answered:

1. No, I love it.
2. I'm getting there.
3. Not yet.

Despite the last answer, a few people accused me of already having a girlfriend and keeping it secret. I was serious in my answer. I don't have a girlfriend...yet.

In my time at home, many people have made the comment that I'm very brave, that they would never be able to do something like, esepcially haven't graduated only a few months ago. I suppose in a way it does take a certain amount of courage, to move around the world away from my family. But having survived four years in State College I think I can handle myself.

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