Just when I was getting used to the whole living in Beijing thing, another curve ball gets thrown my way: I have to return to the States. Apparently, in order to officially work in China, I have to apply for a special work permit from my home nation. 

I found out I'd need to return home just one week before my visa expires. 

While I was somewhat disappointed to have to leave, it will be nice to be home. I'm especially looking forward to a good home cooked meal - mac and cheese with meatloaf and my Dad's famous spaghetti are on the top of my list of must-have meals while home. Seeing my parents will be nice too, since I won't be able to come home again for a while after signing my contract with Beijing Review.

My flight leaves Tuesday morning. 21 hours, with a four hour layover in London. The flight home will be 25.5 hours, 7 hour layover in London.

I'll be home for two weeks, so if anyone wants to get together and buy me a beer, please send me an email and I'm sure we can work something out.

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