I finally joined a gym yesterday. Conveniently located across the street/highway from where I live, the Powerhouse Gym has all my needs - a weightlifting area, relatively clean locker room and, as an added bonus, a tennis court.

It also has a pool, but that adds a few hundred kuai to the price of a membership.

Like all things in China, the price of the membership had to be bargained. A starting year membership, including full access to the pool, costs about 2980 kuai ($438). Swimming would be nice, but not necessary. Also, the presence of another gym in the area, with a much cheaper membership price, cut a bit more from the steep fee.

I settled for 2009 kuai ($295) for the year, including 10 anytime-use pool passes, a towel and a lock.
8/6/2010 11:50:34 am

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