Great to be Home - Blogging from Beijing


I can honestly say I've never been this glad to be home. Even while at State College, I never really missed my home, probably because I knew all I had to do was hop in my car and drive two hours for some good home cooking. Now, I live on the other side of the world, making it slightly more difficult to come home on weekends.

So what have I been up to? Not a whole lot. My main focus has been eating as much Western food as possible. I lost a little weight over the past three months (enough for people to ask) so I've been packing on the carbs and protein and eating a massive breakfast every morning. And absolutely... positively... no Chinese takeout.

The only disappointment came when I found out my favorite lunch spot in Tamaqua was temporarily closed. The Broadstreet Deli makes my favorite sandwiches (another food I'm hard pressed to find in China).

This weekend I'll be going to see some friends from Penn State. My parents will also be having some family friends over for a Welcome Home- Graduation - Going Away party. It's for anyone who didn't get to see me after I graduated, since I accepted my diploma and pretty much jumped on a plane for China.

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