I stood in the doorway to Beijing Review, having arrived extra early on my first day of work. This was it, my first job. The fact that I would be spending the next year employed in a foreign country only magnified my excitement. I walked in and headed to the HR department.

After a brief chat with the HR woman who had interviewed me, I was shown around the office and introduced to the staffs. Then, I was guided to a room on the third floor- Room 315.

"Here is your cubicle Mr. Taylor," the woman said.

The words repeated themselves in the daze I found myself in. "My cubicle. My cubicle." There was nothing in this particular cubicle, no phone or even a computer, but it was mine, and that's all that mattered. 

I spent the day chatting with the rest of the staff. I would be copy editing/language consulting on the Business Division. 

Throughout the day, other reporters and editors from the other departments made their way to the Business offices to say hello. I noticed quickly that they were all women. A small group had congregated in one of the other cubicles. They were speaking Chinese but I over heard the words "eye candy" a few times. I had to laugh. "This I could get used to," I thought.

And then it was time to leave. Mondays are relatively easy days, since the reporters are busy working on their articles. Work would pick up on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday would be the busiest day, as the magazine was proofed and produced. But I was ready. All I needed to do now was find another new apartment.

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