I took a bus from NYC to Wescoesville, about 30 minutes from Tamaqua. As we were pulling into the bus terminal, I saw my mom. The bus hadn't even stopped, and already she was crying. When I got off the bus, she completely broke down. We hugged, kissed and found my baggage. I'll admit, I almost cried too, but I pulled it together.

My dad came over from work to see me before I headed back to our house. We chit chatted before heading home.

My brother, Michael, was at football practice and wouldn't be home til later. But I already knew what his reaction would be when he saw me for the first time in three months. I wouldn't probably be something like this:

SCENE 3 - Brother's reunited

BRANDON sits anxiously in kitchen or dining room awaiting brother, MICHAEL's, return. He hears his brothers car pull along the house. The side door opens. Enter MICHAEL.

MICHAEL drops his football bag. Looks up and sees BRANDON.


[Short pause]


[Short pause]

MICHAEL: Not much

[Both turn and leave room in opposite directions]

Ok, so it wasn't quite that sullen. My mom had claimed that my brother had said he "missed me" but the last time I'd heard the words "missed me" it was followed by "missed me and my Jeep."

He did come home from football and drop his bag, turning around to see me. We did the usual bro hug and asked what each was up to. For some reason, he decided to try out for football this year. My parents would never let me go out before, since he was too small and would probably get broken in half. After two years of weight training, he looked like he could take a few hits. Despite his enthusiasm, football is just "OK" as he describes it.

Friends would be coming over for dinner that night. My mom asked me what kind of food I wanted while I was home.

"Anything but rice and noodles," I said. "And nothing that even remotely resembles chicken feet or pig hoof."

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