I met up today with two of my best friends from the Daily Collegian today- Brianna Labuskes and Marissa Carl. Bri and Marissa were the assistant copy chief and copy chief, respectively, for the student newspaper. In other words, they were my bosses. Marissa also brought another mutual friend, Julie Reis, also a former member of the Daily Collegian.

Marissa, Bri and I had been on the same staff (copy desk) for a year at the Collegian and became close friends through late nights reading copy and designing pages. The three of us went on a cruise over spring break to Mexico.

We met at an Outback Steakhouse (one of my favorite restaurants) to catch up on gossip, each other's lives and to talk about my adventures in China.

Marissa recently finished an internship with the Wall Street Journal. She currently has a job in NYC working for an online business magazine. Bri found a job straight out of college working for a newspaper company in New York state. Julie is finishing an internship.

They all had questions about my job, apartment and life in Beijing, but I was just as interested as what they were up to.

It was great seeing my friends, but sad at the same time. It would probably be close to a year before I saw them again, but they promised to e-mail and keep up with news from home. We'll also be making plans for our reunion cruise, maybe along the Yangtze or to New Zealand.

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