The Fall weather here is just as crazy as it is in the States. A week ago temperatures dipped down to near freezing, only to rise again to about 70 this week. What makes the situation really interesting is that no matter how cold it gets, the Beijing authorities do not turn on the heat until November 15.

One of my colleagues jokingly (I hope) said: "Yes, until that magic date (Nov. 15) you have to find ways to survive - it gets quite cold."

My room in the attic, with its layer thin insulation, or lack there of, warms up during the day, so that when I go to sleep, it's relatively comfortable. But by morning, I'm usually shivering.

The only good thing about the cold is the fact that all the mosquitoes that had caused me many an uneasy night are now dead.

Coming from the Coal Region, and having spent four years of enduring the weather of Central Pennsylvania, I think I'm more than ready for the winter ahead. I just need to get out and buy a new winter jacket, gloves, Timberland boots and maybe even a scarf.

A former colleague from China Daily is searching for a sherpa jacket, or one of those Mongolian pure wool sweaters. I'll have to follow his lead on this.
12/20/2010 11:47:13 am

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