Stacey Federoff
7/7/2009 01:10:26 am

Hey Btay!

Aren't the sleeper trains in China nice?! I was so impressed after my previous train ride was the train in India. Did you have a TV by your bunk? So nice.

I can totally relate to the tired feet after the Great Wall, too. We didn't stay that long, so I imagine walking for hours up and down the steep wall would have been exhausting -- which you really don't realize until you're clinging to the railing on the sides of the wall. Totally agree -- it was truly amazing.

Also, it's SO cool that you're getting a job there. Maybe me and Katie can plan a visit someday. :o)

7/8/2009 03:19:36 am


If you stay in China I am SO visiting you with Stacey. Glad you're having such an amazing time!!! :D

~ Katie


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