EXCERPT: I was transferring subway trains when I saw it starring at me from outside the metro terminal. I froze. I hadn't seen one since leaving the States, where their population had grown out of control. Nobody else seemed to notice or care, but I felt compelled to further investigate this most unexpected encounter – a Wal-Mart...



Patty Cunningham
06/19/2009 04:37

I think I really hate Walmart. No, I know I hate Walmart! =)

Stacey Federoff
06/21/2009 16:06

Hey B-Tay -- Can you post some more Wal-Mart photos in the Photo Gallery? I had heard of the ones in China before my trip and totally would have explored it if I had seen one, but didn't since we were only there for a short time.

Hope all's well -- love reading the blog! Gotta love that haggling!


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